Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ex-Soldier Charged in Rape, Slayings in Iraq

Ex-Soldier Charged in Rape, Slayings in Iraq: "Coverup is alleged, other soldiers implicated in rape and murder of a young Iraqi woman and the slayings of three of her family members."

A discharged US soldier, while serving in Iraq, is charged for the murder of 4 Iraqian civilians and raping one of the victim before killing her. Former Private First Class Green and at least four other soliders have been implicated in one of the worst crimes to have been committed by US soliders in Iraq. The FBI and US military have conclude that there is sufficient evidence to continue investigating the alleged crime. Though only Green has been formally charged, three other suspected soldiers have been relieved of from duty.

President George Bush please do everyone a favor and withdraw US soldiers from Iraq. We have no reason to be there. Enough lives have been lost and destroyed for your own private war.

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