Wednesday, August 09, 2006

TorPark Anonymity on the Internet

TorPark is a special version of Portable Firefox. TorPark allows you to surf the Internet anonymously. It accomplishes the latter by utilizing Tor’s Onion Routers. TorPark is the latest stable version. It has all the features found in Portable Firefox. You can install TorPark on to a jump drive and use it on any PC with an Internet connection. One of the greatest drawbacks of TorPark is its speed. Even on broadband, TorPark runs like it using dial-up. There are two bottlenecks. First, using any proxy server will slow both downloading and uploading speed. Second, a jump drive connects to a PC via USB 2.0 port. At best, transfer rates between jump drive and PC is 9.0 Mbps. But, there is no easier way to surf the Web invisibly.

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