Monday, January 01, 2007

Check Out the New Daily Rotation Website

Daily Rotation, one of my favorite website, has undergone a facelift and adds some new features. Some of you are familiar with the website. Daily Rotation is like a RSS aggregator. Users get to pick the RSS feeds they want to read and Daily Rotation displays them all in one simple page.

What's new? Now, users can create their own account with Daily Rotation. The account holds all the user's preferences and RSS feeds. For example, in the past, if a user was using another computer other than their own then they had to go through the trouble of selecting their preferences and RSS feeds again. In the previous version, the preferences and RSS feeds were saved on a cookie stored on a user's computer. Well, there is no longer any need for a cookie. Users can use any computer and all they have to do is enter their user id and password.

In addition, users can now mouse the cursor over a entry and a short summary of the story is displayed. Also, users can now drag and drop feeds to create their own layout. These features are identical to the one's found in Netvibes.

These new features are a welcome addition to Daily Rotations.


Anonymous said...

Hey, while searching for widgets for my blog, I stumbled upon and wow! I found what I wanted. A cool news widget. My blog is now showing latest news with title, description and images. Took just few minutes to add. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

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