Saturday, February 03, 2007

Make Firefox Look Like Internet Explorer :: Mozilla Stuff ::

Make Firefox Look Like Internet Explorer :: Mozilla Stuff ::

Some of you may have heard of John Haller. He is the creator of the portable versions of both Firefox and Thunderbird. In a strange move, he has written a guide on how to customize Firefox user interface to look like Internet Explorer. I am a little bewildered. I was under the impression that people switched to Firefox because they wanted get away from Internet Explorer. Perhaps, he wrote the guide in order to make the process of switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox less intimidating. Regardless, it is an interesting guide.


Kirk M said...


Just wanted to mention that there's a new theme out called "myFireFox" (strangely enough) that goes a long way to making Firefox look and behave more like IE 7.0, including the blue forward and back buttons and the stop and refresh buttons on the right side of the address bar although the refresh button is initially on the left and can be easily moved.

This is the theme I've been using for the last two weeks and the author, so far, has been right on top of things and has upgraded twice already and each improvement is better than the last. I use it to ease the switch over when I have to use IE 7.0 for some reason (rare but necessary at times).

The theme is of course available at the Mozilla add-on site.

Give it a try...I'd be interested in what you think of it. I intend to use it as my main theme and I'm terribly picky about things like that. It has to work for one thing.

firefox fan said...

why would you made your firefox look like that stupid old crappy internet explorer?

Anonymous said...

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