Thursday, December 21, 2006

Alan G. Hevesi, Comptroller in N.Y., to Resign

Comptroller in N.Y. to Resign, Official Says

Despite being re-elected State Comptroller, it appears that Alan G. Hevesi will resign. As many of you know, Hevesi went afoul of the law when he used state employees to act as chauffeurs and personal assistants for his wife. Governor Pataki appointed a special investigator to investigate if there were grounds to remove Hevesi. The special investigator concluded that there was indeed legal grounds to remove Hevesi. Hevesi is expected to be indicted by a grand jury this Friday.

Hevesi's lawyers are trying very hard to make a deal with Albany's district attorneys wherein Hevesi will resign from office as well as plead guilty to the charges in exchange for not spending time in jail. The deal has not been finalized.

This is a sad chapter in Hevesi's long record of public service to New York State.

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