Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sony's Negative Image is Jeopardizing HD-DVD Future

Blu-ray drowning in negative buzz: report

Adding Sony's misery, many electronic users aren't fond of Blu-ray. Interestingly, their dislike has nothing to do with Blu-ray itself; instead, people don't like Blu-ray because it is being developed by Sony. Users are feed up with Sony's questionable practices and arrogance of all things. I can empathize with them. One does not need to examine closely to notice Sony is making mistakes after mistakes. First, Sony debacle of including a rootkit in their CD's to deter piracy. Next, Sony's laptop batteries catch fire resulting in a massive recall. This is just embrassing. I almost feel sorry for them...almost. Despite Sony's track record, Blu-ray is a good product. Blu-ray disks can record significantly more than HD-DVD disks, 25MB versus 15MB on single layered disks. However, HD-DVD drives are significantly cheaper than Blu-ray drives. HD-DVD disks have the same dimensions as existing DVD disks, which saves cost. There is no clear winner yet in this newest media format war.

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