Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Controversial Christian Game Under Fire

Controversial Christian Game Under Fire

As a rule, I try my best to post interesting and news worthy material - so you won't find a post about a cow with 3 eyes here. However, I came across a bizarre news clip. Game software maker, Left Behind Games, is scheduled to release Left Behind: Eternal Force. The game is T-rated (i.e. for teenagers) and is loosely based on the popular Left Behind book series. In the game, Christians are charged with the duty to either convert or kill any non-believers. I doubt this is what Jesus had in mind when he ordered his disciples to convert pagans (i.e. The Great Commission, NIV Matthew 28:16-20). Despite protests from both political and religious groups, retailers will not remove them from their shelves, including: Walmart. Circuit City, Target and Best Buy.

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