Monday, October 23, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 Add-Ons

As many of you know, last week, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7), a much needed update for the venerable web browser. IE 7 added many of the features already available in Mozilla's Firefox and Opera web browsers.

It seems Microsoft has also taken a page from Firefox's play book by adding its own version of extensions. One of the appeals of Firefox is the ability to add extension, which enhances and/or adds functions to the web browser. Microsoft, not to be out done, created add-ons for IE 7. Microsoft developed its own website to host IE 7 add-ons. The selection is small relative to the extensions available for Firefox but it is growing steadily. Unlike Firefox's extensions, some of the add-ons are commercial and require you to pay to use them. The website tries to make it easier for users to find what they want by dividing the add-ons in to categories, such as: security, time savers, browsers and entertainment.

Hopefully, some motivated IE users will create their own add-ons and make them available to the IE community - much like the extensions created by Firefox aficionados.

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