Thursday, October 26, 2006

Make Firefox 1.5x extensions work in Firefox 2.x.

Make Firefox 1.5x extensions work in Firefox 2.x. As many of you know, Firefox 2.0 was released this Tuesday, October 24th. Unfortunately, as with previous major updates to Firefox, many of the extensions do not work in Firefox 2.0. However, it is relatively easy to edit the extension so take it can work in Firefox 2.0. Here is how to do it. First, set Windows to show file type extension. Open Windows Explorer. From the menu bar, choose Tools > Folder Options > “View” tab > scroll down to “Hide extensions for known file types” > if it is not already unchecked then uncheck it now. Now, choose an extension you want to edit. Right click it and choose “Rename.” Change the file type extension from .xpi to .zip and click [O.K.] when Windows ask if you are sure you want to change the file type. By the way, .xpi is an archival file type, much like .zip or .rar. Once you have renamed the extension, unzip the new file. You can use WinZip , a shareware, 7-Zip , a freeware, or any unzipping application. Once unzipped, there should be 2 folders and 2 files. You are going to edit the file “install.rdf.” Right click the file and choose “Rename.” This time, change the file type extension from .rdf to .txt. Use Notepad to open the newly created .txt file. There are several lines; scroll down until you see the following line:

In this case, the extension is set to work with Firefox 1.6 and older versions. Edit the line by changing the max version to 2.0. So, it should look like this:

Save the file and exit Notepad. Now, you need to do everything backwards. Change the .txt file back to .rdf file type. Next, create a new .zip file which contains the 2 folders and 2 files. Once you have the .zip file, change it back to .xpi. Now, you can install this new extension on Firefox 2.0.


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