Thursday, June 01, 2006

Microsoft Live OneCare

Security software companies are worried about Microsoft. Microsoft officially launched Live OneCare this past Wednesday, May 31. Live OneCare offers full internet security and other system utilities under one single package. In addition, Microsoft continues to develop Windows Defender, their anti-spyware application. Windows Defender will be integrated in to Windows Vista, Microsoft’s next OS. Currently, users with an authentic copy of Windows can download and install Windows Defender for free. Bill Gates has assured PC users that it shall remain free even after the beta testing period. All these things are eating at security software makers’ profits. Symantec and McAfee have step up their efforts to compete with Microsoft. Not to be outdone, Symantec is developing Genesis, their version of Live OneCare. Genesis will provide all the services that Live OneCare provides. Genesis is still in development but the company expects to release the final version before the end of this year. McAfee has followed suit and released their own product called “Falcon.”

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