Thursday, May 04, 2006

"American Express"

"American Express"

A new scam which involves the American Express Card website has been discovered.  This scam distinguishes itself from other scams because the website is genuine.  Yes, it is the real American Express website and it is using a secure line.  What is not genuine is the popup window which appears on the website. The popup window asks for the user Social Security number, Mother's maiden name and date of birth.  The scam is a result of a Trojan that infects a user's computer.  Once infested, the Trojan waits for the user to get online and surf to the American Express website.  Once there, the Trojan displays the fake popup window.  Please read the article for more details.

Suggested Reading:
1. American Express Beware of Phony Log-in Screen --byRyan Naraine, eWeek.

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