Sunday, May 21, 2006

AOL's Active Security Monitor

I was surfing the web one day when I came across an article from PC World. The article was on a security tool being developed by AOL. The security tool, called Active Security Monitor (ASM), was designed to scan a computer system and determine the level of security for key areas of the system. These areas include: firewall, virus protection, spyware detection, Windows and browser, wireless security, P2P Software and PC utilities. ASM gives a score for each area and then takes the results and calculates a score for the overall security of the system (max=100 perfect score). In addition, after scanning your system, it will recommend actions in order to increase the security of the system. ASM’s results were not completely accurate. ASM recommended adding a backup utility but I already had one installed. ASM also indicated I had a P2P filesharing when I don’t have any. ASM is still in beta but is free to download and try. For more information, go to AOL’s FAQ webpage.