Friday, May 19, 2006

Arovax Shield

This week I decided to test out Arovax Shield

Thisweek I decided to test out ArovaxShield. Arovax touted its product as a nextgeneration of Internet security. The Shield function is to blockspyware and other malware from installing in the first place. It isnot a new idea; there are a number of intrusion detection softwares(IDS) available. Arovax Shield is freeware. It is totally spywareand adware free. Arovax Shield protect changes in key areas of acomputer systems, including: startup programs, hosts file, InternetExplorer BHO, IE homepage, tracking cookies and certain executablefile associations. The program keeps a log of blocked actions. Itis a very simple program. It does add another layer of protection. However, I recommend BillStudio’s Winpatrol over Arovax Shield. Winpatrol monitors more areas of a system and offers fine granularcontrol of what it monitors.

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