Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Determine Your Connection Speed

Whether you’re using cable, dsl or dial-up, Speakeasy’s Speed T

Whetheryou’re using cable, dsl or dial-up, Speakeasy’s SpeedTest can determine your download and upload connection speed. Speakeasy works for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. In order touse Speakeasy, you will need Macromedia Flash Player 8.0+. If youare using Firefox then be sure to disable Flashblock, NoScript andAdblock or enter Speakeasy’s URL into the allow lists. The testwill take a minute or two depending on the connection type you use. Once started, do not touch anything (e.g. no mouse clicking or typingor changing tabs). Speakeasy will first calculate your downloadtime. Wait few seconds and the upload speed will be calculated. Important, it is rare to have the same speed for both download andupload. Usually, the download speed is greater than the uploadspeed. Speakeasy uses several servers that span the globe. You canuse the server closest to you or you could experiment and try all ofthem. Enjoy.

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