Friday, May 19, 2006

BetaNews | Critical Word Vulnerability Uncovered

BetaNews | Critical Word Vulnerability Uncovered

There is a new zero day exploit found in Word documents. The exploit begins with an e-mail which contains a Word document as an attachment. Opening the attachment starts the attack. The exploit is already being used with many attacks reported in China. A patch is being developed by Microsoft and is expected to be released on June 13th, the next scheduled patch Tuesday. Antivirus security firms are already preparing an update for their respective antivirus software. Web users are warned to not open suspicous e-mails.

"F-Secure has dubbed the trojan "Ginwui.A" and says it allows a hacker to: create, read, write, delete and search for files and directories; access and modify the Registry; manipulate services; start and kill processes; and more."

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