Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wired News: Under Attack, Spam Fighter Folds

Wired News: Under Attack, Spam Fighter Folds

It is unfortunate but Blue Security has decided to close its Blue Frog service. Blue Frog was an innovative solution to stop spam. Blue Frog created a community of users - numbering in the hundreds of thousands - that would spend a plethora of opt-out request to known spammers. The program was very successful. Two weeks ago, spammers fought back. One particular spammer, calling himself PharmaMaster, launched a DDoS attack on Blue Security website. The attack shutdown Blue Security's website. When Blue Security redirected Internet traffic to their blog, PharmaMaster launched a DDoS on the blog. As a result of the damage and threat posed by spammers, Blue Security has decided to close Blog Frog. This unfortunately since it sets a precedent. Other spammers could see the success of PharmaMaster's attack as an invitation to copycat.

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Martijn said...

About the "spam" issue:

In dutch they say:

Alleen gekken en dwazen schrijven op muren en ramen.

Free translation:

Only fools and lunatics write on walls and windows.

I think spam handling can be considered that way but you will have to see it virtual which means it can't be forbidden as we all have the freedom of speech.

Most of the spam however can be removed immidiately as we know who has written it.

Only more advanced programmers get true with their messages which will look like cheap commercials.

Only as long as you can control the spam you will be able too control the internet.

Kind regards,
Martijn Fransen