Monday, May 15, 2006

Firefox Extensions

One of the greatest features of Firefox is the long list of extensions. It has been estimated that there are 1,100+ extensions available. So, the problem isn’t a lack of extension but rather deciding which extensions to use. In this article, I have chosen (5) extensions that I have found useful and I think useful for the vast majority of Firefox users.

  1. Adblock – the name pretty much says it all. Adblock removes ads found on webpages. I have yet to meet anyone who wants more ads on a webpage. It’s a great tool because fewer ads translate to better readability of the webpage. In addition, rendering webpages is faster because the browser doesn’t need to load the ads.

  2. Flashgot – is an extension which integrates several download managers with Firefox. Now, with Flashgot, users don’t have to load the download manager separately. Flashgot automatically fills in the download link(s). Flashgot can download all links on a webpage or only those the user chooses.

  3. NoScript – blocks javascripts of any webpage. It is a great security extension because it blocks javascripts from being run automatically. Users can choose to allow a particular script or all of the scripts on a webpage. Users can create a whitelist of webpages that javascript is allowed.

  4. Tab Mix Plus – adds even more tab control. The extension can undo closed tabs, duplicate a tab, set shortcut keys and much much more.

  5. Fasterfox – this extension optimizes the Internet connection for faster downloading and uploading. This extension is designed for fast connections. It will work for fast DSL and cable broadband connections. The extension will not work for dial-up or slow DSL; there is a good chance that the extension might even slow the connection.

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