Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Firefox Memory Leak Problems

There is no question that Mozilla’s Firefox is an excellent web

Thereis no question that Mozilla’s Firefox is an excellent webbrowser free of bloatware. Firefox growing popularity is whatmotivated Microsoft to update their defunct Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, Firefox’s users almost uniformly complain aboutFirefox’s memory leaks. Firefox memory consumption oftentimesexceeds 100,000 KB which is intolerable. So, the question is what iscausing the memory leaks and, more importantly, how to rectify theproblem. Many “how to” articles have been written toshed some light on the problem and offer remedies as well.

  1. Memory leaks due to troublesome Firefox extensions. Many experts believe that the memory leak is not inherent in the web browser but instead due to certain extensions. Suggested Reading: Reducing Your Memory Usage in Firefox –by

  2. Memory leaks due to the back cache feature. Starting with version 1.5, Firefox included a fast back navigational feature which allows for quick rendering of previously loaded webpages. More saved back webpages resulted in more memory usage. Suggested Reading: About the Firefox “memory leak.” –by

  3. Memory leaks due to relegating too much memory to the cache memory. Suggested Reading: Firefox Tweaks, Extensions and Optimizations. –by

  4. Memory leaks in older versions of Firefox. Firefox 1.5.0 was riddled with memory leaks. Firefox included many memory leak fixes. Suggested Reading: Did Mozilla Really Fix the Memory Leaks with Firefox –by

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